Freight services

Complete freight solutions

OAK transports everything from foodstuffs to industrial products and goods.

OAK can offer your company complete freight solutions: focus on your core business and let our A-team handle transport. OAK’s freight services cover all of Finland. We specialize in transporting foodstuffs, industrial products, and goods. If you wish, we can offer your company full-service freight solutions: line haul transport, terminal services and distribution are all part of our range of services.


OAK is an independent freight services provider. We offer customized transport services for trade and industry. Temperature-controlled foodstuffs transport makes up the largest share of our operations.

Refrigerated freight and a specialist fleet

Our fleet is customized for temperature-controlled transport and a wide variety of goods transport needs. Our fleet includes HCT full trailer combinations with whole-side doors and customized lift combinations for double deck transport. We operate around 60 temperature-controlled full trailer combination trucks in our daily domestic line haul transport network.


OAK’s distribution transport consists of a comprehensive network of refrigerated, frozen and goods distribution network in North Finland. Our customers are primarily foodstuffs wholesalers and the food industry. We are also Postnord’s official regional operator for North Finland. Our fleet is customized for refrigerated and frozen distribution. Our daily distribution transport encompasses around 50 distribution units of various sizes, from vans to full trailer combinations.

If necessary, we can a provide temperature-controlled distribution service nationwide through our collaboration network.


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