Cranes and containers

Lifting to any height

Our wide range of crane and container equipment can meet even demanding needs.

Whether you need lifting equipment for buildings or containers, we can always offer you a suitable solution.

Our extensive and high-quality range of cranes, containers and accessories are always at your service. We transport containers, site huts and other devices equipped with containers. Our fleet also includes vehicles equipped with hooks and hoisting equipment.

We also rent out containers for use by e.g. housing companies and households.

Our transport equipment consists of approx. 30 crane-mounted trucks and container trucks. Accessories include e.g. lift cages, grabbers, spraying tanks and timber grabbers, etc.

Lifting and transport:

  • roof trusses
  • pre-fabricated elements
  • containers
  •  pallets
  •  machinery
  •  boats

Ask for more information: there’s nothing we can’t find a lifting solution for.


Oulun Autokuljetus

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